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Sibeliusmusic is the online vanity sheet music publishing site of Sibelius Software Ltd - internationally famous music notation software company. The lead programmer for SibeliusMusic is now a director of ADAP Solutions Ltd.

Worlds largest collection of on-line digital sheet music.

There are thousands of registered users who have uploaded thousands of their own compositions and arrangements. The amount of scores (currently more than 55,000) make the largest collection of on-line sheet music in the world.

Full e-commerce

Every piece of music on the site can be sold for a price of the composers choice. Composers receive a share of the sale price.

Digital music

The music can be listened to, transposed and printed directly from the web browser, using Scorch - a free web browser plug-in from Sibelius Software Ltd. Composers can also upload MP3 files of their their music to provide recordings of live performances.

Fast searching

The huge catalogue of music can be quickly searched using a variety of intuitive methods.

Chat page

The site also features a lively chat page for the composers to keep in touch with each other.